D3406 - Prevention Division/Resource Management

The Prevention Division Overseen by D3406 and is responsible for the County Fire Marshal, Law Enforcement Bureau, Public Information, Pre-Fire Engineering/GIS, and Resource Management.

CAL FIRE / San Luis Obispo County Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau strives to minimize the risk of life and property loss through proactive planning, awareness and enforcement of safe fire practices. We use a variety of measures to accomplish our goals including:

Adoption and enforcement of fire codes.

Establishing fire safety plans for residential and commercial properties in efforts to ensure accessibility to sites for emergency vehicles/equipment and availability of water supplies.

Inspections of new and existing buildings to ensure fire protection, building code and safety standards are enforced.
Life safety inspections for State licensed care facilities.

New construction plan review to encourage fire safe construction.

Inspection and testing of all fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems for commercial and residential buildings.

Fire and life safety review (plan check, site approval) and standby services for special events. These events can include weddings, concerts, festivals and car shows. 

Lock box installations which control emergency access to gates, buildings and other secured areas.