The San Luis Obispo Hazmat Team is a multi-agency team comprised of 30 members from CAL FIRE, San Luis Obispo City, Five Cities Fire, Paso Robles City, Atascadero Fire, San Luis Obispo County Environmental Health, and the California Men’s Colony.  

The mission of the San Luis Obispo County Hazardous Materials Team is four-fold: 

 Protection of public health and safety 

 Protection of the environment and mitigation of environmental damage 

 Protection of property and assets

 Safety of all emergency responders 

Besides dealing with typical emergency response challenges, the HazMat Team intentionally intervenes in chemical, biological, and radiological accidents. A new aspect of emergency response our Team is trained for is WMD or Weapons of Mass Destruction incidents. Specialized skills and equipment of the HazMat Team are needed for responding to this type of incident.