To serve and safeguard the people and protect the property and resources of San Luis Obispo County through education preparedness and emergency response.


The San Luis Obispo County Fire Department will exceed expectations and maintain the highest standards of preparedness, training, and emergency response.


Integrity, Competence, Teamwork, Courage, Commitment

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Our mission is to serve, protect and safeguard the people, property and resources of San Luis Obispo County through educational preparedness and emergency response. We are proudly responsible for protecting an area of over 3223 square miles and our 129,000 citizens as well as the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come to enjoy our beautiful Central Coast with us annually.

Our team of distinguished men and women are exceptionally trained and dedicated professionals who respond to over 14,900 all-risk, all-hazard emergencies a year. As our community grows, so do the dynamics of involving fires, medical aids, traffic accidents, water rescue, rope rescue, hazmat, and trench rescues. As such, training and dedication of our team, must and has evolved with over 1139 cumulative hours of training each year.

San Luis Obispo County Fire Department responds to emergencies and other requests for assistance, plans for and takes action to prevent emergencies and to reduce their impact, coordinates regional emergency response efforts, and educates the communities we serve. CAL FIRE a California state agency, functions as the County Fire Department under a contract with the County of San Luis Obispo, and has done so since 1930.

San Luis Obispo County Fire Department provides  fire services to the communities of Avila Beach, Baywood-Los Osos, Carrizo Plains, Cayucos, Creston, Edna Valley, Meridian, Morro-Toro, Lake Nacimiento, Nipomo, Nipomo Mesa, Oak Shores, Pismo Beach, San Simeon, Shandon. CAL FIRE also provides local contract fire services to the City of Pismo Beach.