Resource Management

Maintaining the sustainability of natural resources is the goal of the Resource Management Program. The Department achieves this goal by administering state and federal forestry assistance programs for landowners, demonstrating sound management practices, enforcing the California Forest Practice Act on all non-federal timberlands, providing research and educational outreach to the public on forest pests such as Sudden Oak Death, and coordinating efforts for fuel reduction to reduce the risk of fire and improve the quality of California ecosystems.


Vegetation Treatment Projects

CAL FIRE SLU vegetation management treatments are scientifically, ecologically, and environmentally centered and are intended to mimic natural low intensity fire and natural fire regimes. The mimicry of natural fire in CAL FIRE SLU projects is essential to increasing biodiversity, sequestering carbon, protecting fire fighters and communities, as well as creating wildfire resilient landscapes and ecosystems. Treatment activities result in a modification of the existing fuels that will reduce the risk of large-scale catastrophic fire events and ultimately support the restoration of native vegetation and habitat conditions including, but not limited to, habitat quality and natural, lower-intensity fire regimes. CAL FIRE SLU treatments in sensitive natural communities and oak woodlands are designed to restore the natural fire regime and return vegetation composition and structure to a natural condition to maintain or improve habitat function of the affected natural community, while protecting adjacent residential communities. 
Access this Story Map to learn more about resource management at CAL FIRE SLU. Check back often, as new stories will be posted with different projects that we are working on.