Station 62

Avila Valley Station 62

CAL FIRE/ San Luis Obispo County Fire Station 62 is located in the heart of the Avila Valley. San Luis Obispo County Fire Department and Avila Beach Community Services District operate cooperative fire protection for the Community of Avila. In 2000, Avila Beach Fire Department began contracting for fire services with CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire, moving all staff and equipment to Avila Valley Station 62.

Station 62 has a varied response area which includes the hills west of Highway 101 in Avila Valley, Highway 101 from the southern rim of San Luis Obispo to Pismo Beach, Avila Valley, Avila Beach, Port San Luis and Pirates Cove beach area. Station 62 also responds into northern Shell Beach. Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant is also located in Station 62’s response area.

Currently, Station 62 responds an ICS Type-1 Engine and a regional Breathing Support. A Personal Water Craft is assigned to Station 62 for water rescues. Engine 62 is staffed with two permanent CAL FIRE employees, one Fire Apparatus Engineer and a Fire Captain. They are supported by 25 member Paid Call Firefighters (PCF’s) who are dispatched via radio pager. Depending on the type of call and its location PCF’s will either respond to the incident or will report to the fire station.

Boat 62 is a Yamaha water rescue craft, specifically designed for surf rescues along the rugged coast of San Luis Obispo County. Boat 62 is operated by qualified boat operators, all of whom have attended and passed a rigorous swim test and three day training. Boat 62 allows for rapid and effective access to remote parts of the coast and ensures all emergencies in the oceans near Avila are safe.

Breathing Support 62 is a regional resource, utilized by several fire departments in southern San Luis Obispo County. Breathing Support 62 is activating for all structure fires allowing for firefighters to continually access a steady clean air supply for breathing apparatus. Breathing Support 62 is also utilized for it’s lighting capability. Breathing Support 62 is also dispatched with Haz Mat 1 on all Hazardous Materials incidents.

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