Message From the Chief

The 2019 fire season has begun. Over 1.4 million acres that have sprouted to produce a heavy grass crop that is intermixed with heavy drought stricken fuels and we anticipate another very active year. Through funding, our department has been able to take actions to help reduce these fuels in an effort to help us ensure a safer community.

We have learned that prevention is the key to public safety and for such, we strive to devote thousands of hours educating residents on measures to ensure their homes and property are fire safe. Our wildland fire prevention activities include public education, prescribed burns, pre-attack mapping, and enforcement activities. Above all, we are dedicated to safety being knowledge.

I am honored and humbled to serve as the Chief for the CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department, and I am confident that through vigilance, readiness, education and prevention, we are prepared for what faces us in the coming months. We ask all residents and visitors to help us protect our beautiful landscapes of San Luis Obispo County so that we can all enjoy the amazing life we have here on the Central Coast.

Scott M. Jalbert

CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department Chief

Scott Jalbert is the Unit Chief and County Fire Chief for the CAL FIRE Unit and the San Luis Obispo County Fire Department. He oversees the fire services for San Luis Obispo County, the City of Pismo Beach, and the communities of Los Osos and Avila Beach. He has been in the fire service for 29 years. Chief Jalbert started his career in 1987 as a Fire Fighter I with CAL FIRE. He has served as a Fire Fighter II, Fire Apparatus Engineer, Fire Captain, Battalion Chief, Division Chief, Deputy Chief. Before coming to San Luis Obispo, he was the Unit Chief with CAL FIRE San Mateo/Santa Cruz Unit. 

He has a background in both municipal and wildland fire operations working in San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Lake, and San Luis Obispo Counties. As a fire captain, he was assigned to a Paramedic Engine; Wildland Engine, Emergency Command Center, training division, and a Haz-Mat Team. As a chief officer, he worked as a field battalion chief, fire camp division chief, and as the unit operations chief.

Chief Jalbert was on a Type I IMT for over 13 years. He is qualified as a Strike Team Leader, Division Group Supervisor, Operations Branch Director, Type I Operations Section Chief, Type I Planning Chief, Agency Rep, Agency Administrator, Area Commander, and as a Type I Incident Commander. He has years of experience working in EOC’s at the county, city, and department levels in addition to serving as the Area Fire Coordinator for Santa Cruz County. 

He was raised in Redwood City and currently resides in the Templeton area with his wife and three children.