Memorial Day Weekend is often the kick-off for summer vacations and outdoor activities. CAL FIRE officials are encouraging everyone to be cautious with outdoor plans as wildfire risk is high. With millions of people taking advantage of the holiday weekend to visit beaches, parks and campgrounds, we need everyone to be extra vigilant in preventing wildfires. Human activity causes 95% of wildfires. The recent cooler temperatures and light precipitation have not been enough to significantly impact the dry vegetation. With the upcoming weekend’s typical increase in outdoor activities, firefighters will be on high alert, as well as staffing additional equipment, including fire/rescue boats. CAL FIRE would like everyone to remember these important safety steps this holiday:

Vehicles: Never drive or pull over and park in dry grass. When towing, ensure trailer chains are not dragging on the ground and are properly secured. Check your tire pressure to avoid driving on an exposed metal rim. Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained with nothing dragging on the ground

Around the House: Do all yardwork before 10 am, avoid yardwork on hot, dry and windy days. If using equipment, use the right tool for the job and ensure spark arrestors and equipment are in good working condition One Less Spark- One Less Wildfire.

Camping: Obtain a campfire permit and ALWAYS check for local fire restrictions. Avoid parking and setting up camp under or near dead trees. Clear away grass, leaves and other debris within a 10-foot perimeter of any campfire “drown, stir and feel” to make sure a campfire is completely out. When barbecuing, never leave the grill unattended.

Have a responsible adult in attendance at all time In the Water: Always wear a life jacket! Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult. Never swim alone. Drinking alcohol and swimming is just as dangerous as drinking alcohol and driving.


If you would like to contact CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department Headquarters, please email