Shell Beach Station 63

Shell Beach Fire Station 63 serves north Pismo Beach through cooperative fire protection between CAL FIRE and the City of Pismo Beach. Shell Beach Fire Station 63 staffs an ICS Type-III conventional State-owned fire engine during the declared fire season. Staffing on this apparatus includes a Fire Captain/Operator and two to three firefighters. During the winter months, Shell Beach fire station is staffed with by two professional firefighters utilizing Engine 63.

Shell Beach Station 63 has a response area which is predominately residential structures and apartments. There are also a large number of hotels and resorts along the coast. Some of the greatest target hazards in the Shell Beach area include a long stretch of Highway 101, two miles of cliffs frequented often by tourists and citizens, and ocean related emergencies.

Shell Beach Fire Station 63 is strategically located to provide assistance to fire crews at neighboring Stations in Avila and Pismo Beach.

Station Response Information