Station 34

Oak Shores Station 34

Station 34 is the located in northern San Luis Obispo County between Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio. This area has both vacation homes and primary residents and large areas of open space. Many incidents handled by Oak Shores Company 34 are related to the high volume of recreational activities in the area. Station 34 resources are often dispatched into southern Monterey County for emergency incidents.

Oak Shores Fire Station 34 is fully volunteer station, staffed when need by a 15 member Paid-Call Firefighter company. Company 34 is trained in fire, rescue and hazardous materials response to provide professional fire services to the members of the Oak Shores community.

Oak Shores Station 34 firefighters are trained in boat operations, ensuring boater safety during lake activities. Company 34 responds a 30’ fire rescue boat to all emergency incidents on Lake Nacimiento, including medical emergencies, rescues, and fires. Boat 34 is housed on Lake Nacimiento, allowing for quick access and timely response.

Equipment assigned to Oak Shores Station 34 includes an ICS Type-2 fire engine, a patrol unit, and a small rescue vehicle, and a boat.

Station Response Information