Station 33

Heritage Ranch Station 33

Station 33 is located near Nacimiento Lake in northern San Luis Obispo County, Station 33 Heritage Ranch Fire Station is owned by the County of San Luis Obispo and operated in cooperation with CAL FIRE. Station 33 is responsible for a large and varied area of response, including the Community of Heritage Ranch with approximately 1,700 residential structures, Lake Nacimiento, and the surrounding areas. Lake Nacimiento is a popular recreational area, attracting many boaters, fishers and campers. Station 33 is trained in boat operations and responds a fire rescue boat to all emergency incidents on Lake Nacimiento.

Station 33 is staffed daily with a Fire Captain and a Fire Apparatus Engineer. Due to remoteness of Station 33, permanent personnel rely heavily on a 15 member Paid-Call Firefighter Company. Company 33 is responsible for maintaining and responding a small rescue apparatus, as well as a reserve engine. Company 33 is also trained in boat operations. Station 33 is also responsible for administration and training of Company 34, Oak Shores fire station.

Equipment assigned to Station 33 includes a Type-I fire engine, a Type -III fire engine, and a boat.

Station Response Information