Station 30

Paso Robles Station 30

Paso Robles Station 30 is an example of cooperative fire protection between CAL FIRE and San Luis Obispo County Fire Department. Located at the north part of San Luis Obispo County, Station 30 houses two State-owned Type III wildland fire engine, as well as a County Type I fire engine and rescue. Located between the City of Paso Robles, and the Community of Templeton, Station 30 responds to incidents from the Monterey County line to the City of Atascadero. Traditionally, one of the busiest fire stations in the county, Station 30 has a large and varied response area which includes both commercial and residential structures, wineries and large open-spaces. Located along Highway 101, units from Station 30 respond automatic aid with the City of Paso Robles, Templeton CSD, and City of Atascadero.

Engine 30 is staffed by a Fire Captain and a Fire Apparatus Engineer. Engine 30 is supplemented by a 15 member Paid Call Firefighter company, who respond to all incidents via radio pager. Company 30 members are responsible for maintaining and responding Rescue 30, a small rescue apparatus equipped with a rescue boat. Rescue 30 plays an important role during many technical rescues such as surf, cliff and vehicle rescues. Boat 30 responds to all water rescue calls in the north county.

During the declared fire-season, Paso Robles Station 30 is home to Engine 3462 and 3472, both Type III 4X4 wildland fire apparatus and Engine 3472, an conventional Type III fire apparatus. Engine’s 3462/3472 responds to many of the same calls as Engine 30, as well as most vegetation fires in northern San Luis Obispo County and southern Monterey County. The 4X4 capabilities of Engine 3462 allows for greater access in the rural areas of the Paso Robles area. Engine’s 3462/3472 staffing usually starts in mid-May and ends during mid-November. Wintertime months when Engine’s 3462/3472 is not staffed, the engines are available for crews to respond when needed.

Station 30 is Battalion 3 headquarters station, home to Battalion Chief 3413.

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