Station 22

Mesa Station 22

Station 22 is located in a strategic location, able to respond into Station 20’s first due, as well as the southern area of the Five Cities.  

Station 22 is owned by the County of San Luis Obispo and is home to Medic Engine 22 and Medic Squad 22. Staffing at the station includes one Fire Captain and one Fire Apparatus Engineer. One, or both  firefighters assigned to Medic Engine 22 is a licensed paramedic. Paramedic. This allows Advanced Life Support (ALS) to begin as soon as fire crews arrive, resulting in a high level of service and higher rates of survival. 

Station 22 has seen a large increase in calls for service over the past three years due to substantial development. Several new housing developments in the Nipomo Mesa area and responses to the Oceano Dunes.

Station Response Information