Station 20

Nipomo Station 20

Nipomo Fire Station 20 is another example of regionalized fire protection between CAL FIRE and San Luis Obispo County Fire Department. Located at the southernmost part of San Luis Obispo County, Station 20 houses both a State Type III wildland fire engine, as well as a County Type I fire engine and Type III rescue. Traditionally, one of the busiest fire stations in the county, Station 20 has a large and varied response area that has seen substantial growth over the past five years. Nipomo firefighters respond to incidents from the Nipomo core village, along a large stretch of Highway 101 from the Santa Maria river bridge north to the City of Arroyo Grande, and east through the Highway 166 corridor.

Medic Engine 20 is staffed by a Fire Captain and a Fire Apparatus Engineer. One, or both, of the professional firefighters assigned to Medic Engine 20 is also a licensed paramedic. Paramedic fire service allows Advanced Life Support (ALS) to begin as soon as fire crews arrive, resulting in a high level of service and higher rates of survival.

During the declared fire-season, Nipomo Station 20 is home to Engine 3467, a Type III 4X4 wildland fire apparatus. Staffing on this apparatus includes one Company Officer/Operator and two to three Firefighter I’s. Engine 3467 responds to many of the same calls as Medic Engine 20, as well as most vegetation fires in southern San Luis Obispo County and northern Santa Barbara County. 

Station 20 is Battalion 2 headquarters station, home to Battalion Chief 3412.

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