Station 15

South Bay Station 15

Formerly known as South Bay Fire Department, South Bay began contracting for fire protection with CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department in 2004. Located in the community of Los Osos, South Bay Station 15 protects approximately 15,000 citizens in both Los Osos and Baywood Park. Station 15 provides the highest level of emergency medical service possible with at least two trained paramedic’s on duty at all times. Fire department paramedics are trained and professional firefighters, specializing in emergency medicine and early treatment. Each day there is a minimum of four firefighters on duty, including a Fire Captain, two Fire Apparatus Engineers, and one Reserve Firefighter. 

Station 15 is located approximately 15 miles west of San Luis Obispo, along the Pacific Ocean, south of Morro Bay. Los Osos is mainly a bedroom community, with several schools, golf course, business districts and parks. Along the western-most limit of the Los Osos Community Services District sits Montana de Oro State Park. Montana de Oro is a large multi-use recreational area, with outdoor activities including surfing, hiking, biking, horse back riding and ocean diving. To meet the diverse and varied risks of these activities, Station 15 responds a Type III rescue vehicle to all emergencies inside the park. Equipment on Medic Rescue 15 includes high angle rope rescue gear, vehicle extrication tools, water rescue gear and lighting. In addition to this rescue vehicle, Station 15 is able to make timely and effective rescues by utilizing Boat 15, an 11’ Yamaha Rescue Water Craft.

Station 15 operates a Reserve Firefighter program consisting of a 15 member company. After hundreds of hours of training, each Reserve Firefighter is required to work several 12 hour shifts each month, supplementing career personnel to provide the highest level of service possible.

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