Station 14

Morro-Toro Station 14

Located east of the coastal town of Morro Bay, Morro-Toro Fire Station 14 covers a large unincorporated area along Highway 41. Station 14 is staffed by an all volunteer Paid-Call-Firefighter company. Company 14 is comprised of 15 members of the local community, trained to respond to a variety of emergencies throughout the Morro-Toro area. These Company members must complete training in medical emergencies, attend a multi-week fire academy, learn the basics of hazardous materials, as well as demonstrate proficiency in emergency vehicle operations and maintenance. The requirements placed on each Company member is one of the reasons they are so highly valued and regarded throughout the community.

A recent addition to Station 14 includes a kitchen, training area, bathroom and bedrooms. The additional space allows Company 14 to have access to power, heat and water during training and emergency situations, ensuring a high level of safety and service.

Station Response Information