Burn Day Status

For information regarding APCD burn permits, please visit the following website: http://www.slocleanair.org/programs/burningpermit.php


Burn Day Hotline 1-800-834-2876


APCD Burn Permits

CAL FIRE/County Fire no longer provides or issues San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District  burn permits.

For information regarding APCD burn permits, please visit the following website:http://www.slocleanair.org/programs/burningpermit.php

 For more information please contact the APCD:

San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District
3433 Roberto Court, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401                             

Burn Day Hotline (800) 834-2876

Office: (805) 781-5912
Fax: (805) 781-1002


CAL FIRE Burn Permits

Where alternative means of vegetation disposal are not feasible, CAL FIRE encourages the safe and prudent use of burning during certain times of the year. Residential debris burning, hazard reduction burning, agricultural burning, development burning, and range improvement burning are commonly used methods that can be effective for removing excess vegetation and reducing the fire hazard.  However, burning should only be utilized when conditions are appropriate and when fire danger amd risk of escape is low. For more information on debris burning safety download an educational fact sheet.


In addition to APCD requirements, if you plan to conduct burning within CAL FIRE’s jurisdiction between May1st and the end of the declared fire season, you may be required to obtain a CAL FIRE: LE-5, LE-7, LE-62a burn permit in accordance with PRC § 4423(b).  The type of permit issued will be determined by CAL FIRE based on the amount and type of material to be burned.

Permit Procedure

Site inspection per Battalion Chief requirements

Issuance of LE-5, LE-7, or LE-62a permit (no cost)

Burning conducted in accordance with the terms of the CAL FIRE burn permit and with all other applicable rules and regulations


Permits are valid only on those days which are not prohibited by the State Air Resources Board pursuant to Section 41855 of the Health and Safety Code or by APCD.

For additional information regarding CAL FIRE burn permits, please contact your nearest CAL FIRE facility.

Burn Restrictions

CAL FIRE may restrict burning in areas under the department’s jurisdiction during certain times of the year. These restrictions are implemented when the fire danger has increased due to weather and vegetation conditions that are not considered safe for burning.  A burn restriction may limit the time of day when burning is allowed or, more commonly, will temporarily suspend all permit burning until conditions become more favorable.


Campfires (Warming Fires)
Definition: “Campfire” means a fire which is used for cooking, warmth, lighting, ceremonial, or aesthetic purposes, including fires contained within outdoor fireplaces and enclosed stoves, stoves using petroleum based fuels, portable barbeque pits and braziers… “Campfire” does not include portable lanterns designed to emit light resulting from a combustion process (PRC 4103.5).

Requirements on private property:
1) Written permission from owner, lessee or agent of property owner is required.
2) California Campfire Permit (CCP) is NOT required.
3) Recommended clearance around campfire is 4 feet, clear of all flammable material.

Requirements on USFS and BLM property:
1) California Campfire Permit. 
2) Expiration date: no more than one year from date of issue.
3) CCP is required in all areas (primitive campsites included) except designated-developed campgrounds that have approved campfire sites.
4) Fire restrictions may be in effect, particularly during fire season, which may prohibit all campfires outside developed/designated campgrounds. Permittee is responsible for knowing current restrictions.

Law Enforcement
1) Applicable fire laws will be enforced by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection/San Luis Obispo County Fire Department.
2) Any escaped fire requires law enforcement action regardless of the time of year. Any escaped fire that does not burn the property of another still requires LE action.
3) Violating the terms and conditions of a CAL FIRE permit is punishable as a misdemeanor and will result in revocation of the respective permit. Non-compliance may result in civil and/or criminal actions by the enforcement agency.

Estimated Size of 1 Ton of Material – 
One ton of dry vegetation matter is equivalent to a pile 15 feet in diameter, by 5 feet in height. LE-5 permit form  requires an estimate of tons or acres – not both.

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