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Paid Call Firefighter

CAL FIRE / San Luis Obispo County Fire is a combination department in that it uses both career and paid-call firefighters in reaching our mission.  We refer to the Paid Call Firefighters (PCFs) because they are paid for each call to which they respond.  Paid Call Firefighters provide fire protection, emergency medical service, hazardous materials responses and other services to the communities in which they live and/or work. 

Paid Call Firefighters join the fire department for chances to contribute to the community and learn new skills, for the opportunity to save lives, and camaraderie.  Many are future career firefighters honing their skills while waiting for a full time position. Others come from the community with the united mission to make a difference in the community the serve. They are a cost efficient method used to increase staffing and provide a elevated levels of service.

We are actively recruiting Paid Call Firefighters to help protect their community. Paid Call Firefighters respond to emergencies from their home or work. If you are interested in becoming a Paid Call Firefighter (volunteer), please contact the fire station closest to your home.









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