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Station 51, Shandon Fire Station                   
501 Centre Street
Shandon, CA 93441
(805) 238-4957

Station 51 is located at the northeast corner of San Luis Obispo County in the Community of Shandon. Shandon Fire Station is an ‘Amador’ facility. This Amador station is funded by the State of California during the summer fire season, and funded by the County of San Luis Obispo during the remaining non-fire season months. This agreement results in a cost effective arrangement resulting in seamless and professional fire protection. 

Station 51 is surrounded by large areas of agricultural land, including ranches, wineries, and vineyards. Many areas within Station 51’s response area are covered with grass, including most of the rolling hills of the Northern Temblor mountain range. In addition to grass and agricultural land, Shandon is at the intersection of Highway 41 and Highway 46. These roads are a vital link between the coastal communities in San Luis Obispo County and the Central Valley of California. Station 51 firefighters frequently respond into Kern, Fresno and Kings Counties to assist with emergency situations.

Fire apparatus assigned to Shandon Fire Station include Engine 3461, a 2007 State-owned Type III four-wheel drive fire apparatus and Engine 51, a 1999 Type I fire engine owned by San Luis Obispo County.

Shandon has a 15 member Paid-Call Firefighter company who respond on all incidents via radio pager. Company 51 is responsible for maintaining and responding Engine 31 during the summer months.


Station 51

Engine 51



Engine 3461

International/Rosenbauer 4X4

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