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Station 42, Carrizo Plain Fire Station                   

13080 Soda Lake Road
California Valley, CA 93453
(805) 475-2322   Map

Carrizo Plain Station 42 is located in one of the most interesting parts of San Luis Obispo County. Carrizo Plain is approximately 50 miles long and 15 miles wide, with a dry soda lake bed at the center. Carrizo National Monument, located in Carrizo Plain, is the single largest native grassland in California. The large expansive area of Carrizo Plain is naturally beautiful, but is home to a very small population.

Carrizo Plain Station 42 has the largest response area in the County, serving the entire 50 mile stretch of the Carrizo Plain. Located in California Valley, paid staff are responsible for emergency response and administration and training of 15 Paid-Call Firefighters. Company 42 members are dispatched via radio pager to all incidents in Carrizo Plain. In addition to Company 42, Carrizo Plain is home to EMS 42. Company 42 is trained in emergency medical situations, and serves as the primary emergency care responders during medical emergencies.  

Station 42 is located near Highway 58, linking the central coast and central valley. Station 42 firefighters often respond with Kern County Fire, to remote areas of both Kern and San Luis Obispo County along Highway 58.

Equipment assigned Station 42 includes an ICS Type-II engine and a non-transport wheelen coach EMS vehicle.  

Station 42

Engine 42

International/West Mark

Carrizo Plain

EMS/Rescue 42

Ford F350 Wheelen Coach


Station Response Time Data Work Load
Station 42 Carrizo Plains 2016 2016




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