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Pre-Fire Engineering / Geographic Information System

The San Luis Obispo Unit is dedicated to the prevention of wild fire for the County. Through cooperation and funding provided CAL FIRE  and the County of San Luis Obispo we are putting emphasis on what needs to be done long before a fire starts, Pre-Fire Management actions can reduce property losses, fire fighting costs, increase firefighter safety, and contribute to ecosystem health.

Pre-fire activities such as clearing a defensible space, putting in and maintaining fire safe landscaping, utilizing prescribed fire, creating fuel breaks, and practicing forest management are proven methods of reducing wildfire destruction.

 By collecting, analyzing and mapping features in the County that contribute to our fire hazards we are able to provide information to reduce the adverse effect of wild fire in our Communities. Our highly trained Research Analyst plays a vital role with in the Unit. This information is utilized to provide quick response times, risk analysis, and incident mapping.

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Disaster Pre-Attack Mapping

These maps are intended for the responding units to give them the perspective that is needed to protect the communities we serve. The depict areas of concern, home locations, water recourses and fuel breaks and Incident Command Locations that can be used in the event of large scale incident to these communities. .Funding has been provide by the County Office of Emergency Services and future projects are to include Montana De Oro, East Arroyo Grande, and East Nipomo. Additionally, this spring coastal tsunami plans for the County.

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CAL FIRE Fuel Reduction Grants

wildland fire

CAL FIRE Announces Greenhouse Gas Reduction & Fire Prevention Grants

CAL FIRE has announced the release of new Greenhouse Gas Reduction and one-time drought related fire prevention grants. These grants are aimed at reducing the threat of large wildfires and meeting Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.'s goal of transitioning California to a sustainable, low-carbon emission future. More...







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