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San Luis Obispo County Fire Management Plan

Thank you for taking the time to review the SLU Fire Management Plan. This is a living document depicting the Pre-Fire goals and activities of the San Luis Obispo Unit. 

he intent of this Unit plan is used as a guide to reduce the risk of large, damaging fires within the Unit, as well as to catalog past, present, and future projects. This plan not only looks toward long range planning, but also act as a reminder to maintain pre-suppression infrastructure which has been in place for almost sixty years. This memorandum provides the status on where the Unit is in terms of Fire Plan assessments, data validation, and its integration into daily operations.

State of California Fire Management Plan

The California Fire Plan is the state's road map for reducing the risk of wildfire. The Fire Plan is a cooperative effort between the State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. By placing the emphasis on what needs to be done long before a fire starts, the Fire Plan looks to reduce fire fighting costs and property losses, increase firefighter safety, and to contribute to ecosystem health.

The current plan was finalized in March 1996 and is now undergoing review by CAL FIRE. The Department will provide comment on that plan for the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to consider as they look to the future. 

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National Fire Plan

The National Fire Plan was developed in August 2000, following a landmark wildland fire season, with the intent of actively responding to severe wildland fires and their impacts to communities while ensuring sufficient firefighting capacity for the future.

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