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CAL FIRE EMS Program EMR Certification /  Re-Cert Application 


The CAL FIRE Emergency Medical Responder certification meets California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 22 for Public Safety First Aid. The initial curriculum exceeds the minimum standards for Title 22.

The application process for re-certification includes-

       EMS-700 EMR Certification_Recertification Application

       EMS-702 EMS Continuing Education Log

       EMSA SCV 08-10 Skills Competency Verification and Instructions    

The Application can be completed and printed as can the CE Log. The EMS Coordinator does not need each CE certificate, but each applicant is responsible to maintain their own CE history so that the applicant can be audited if necessary.

The Skills Form shall be printed and completed with a qualified FFII/EMT or above for each skill set. Copy and attach a current CPR/AED card and the current EMR card.

The applicant may apply six months in advance of their expiration date and maintain their current expiration cycle. Please make every attempt to have a complete package to EMS 1 at least one month prior to expiration.








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